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Pokémon VSTAR evolve from Pokémon V. Each Pokémon VSTAR has a potent VSTAR Power, and each player can use only 1 VSTAR Power per game. VSTAR Powers come in two varieties, Abilities and attacks, and both can drastically alter the course of a battle. As you might expect, Pokémon VSTAR also have high HP and high-damage attacks to back up their VSTAR Powers. And like Pokémon V, you're rewarded with 2 Prize cards when they're Knocked Out.
Trainer Gallery
Celebrate the incredible connection between Trainers and their Pokémon with the Trainer Gallery subset. Among the star Trainers are two of the Pokémon world's favorite rivals—Blue and his electrifying Jolteon, and N and Zekrom. Karen of the Elite Four also puts in an appearance with the mysterious Moonlight Pokémon, Umbreon VMAX.
Radiant Pokémon
Shiny Pokémon reappear as Radiant Pokémon! Along with a new holo pattern, Radiant Pokémon each have a powerful ability or attack that can be used. Choose wisely because you can only use 1 Radiant Pokémon in your deck at a time. Who will you choose?

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We offer a variety of products from the XY, Sun and Moon, and Sword and Shield eras. We regularly stock Booster Boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, and a mixture of other Pokémon card boxes.

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We are very excited to be a Play! Pokémon Store!

In-person events are slowly making a comeback, but as of this moment, Store Leagues are still on hold.

If you are a Masters Division player (born 2004 or earlier), you can still compete in Online Tournaments including Play! Pokémon Team Challenge-Season 3.

Please join our Discord to see all of the tournaments scheduled and information about DSC Crimson League.

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Pokémon Trading Card Game: Learn How To Play Resources

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Strategy and tips for building your own deck from your card collection

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We have a series of videos that walk you through how to set up and play the Pokémon TCG.


Quick access to the rules of the game to reference as you start to play.


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